Private Instruction

At some point a child is ready to begin taking private lessons. There are SO many instruments to explore, but we suggest a child start out on piano before moving to another instrument. The piano is melodic, harmonic, percussive and accessible to all students. And, should a child want to learn a variety of songs, the piano is a great place to begin putting it all together.

Private lessons are best suited for a child once they have a solid foundation in music. Music Together® and/or Rhythm Kids classes will prove to help a child move easily into understanding chords, rhythm, meter and improvisation concepts.  We like to treat each student as an individual with an individual approach to each lesson. Some children are eager to read notes, etc. and others want to play by ear and experiment with different musical approaches--both have value for the student and are necessary to develop young musicians. Also, it is important for a child to enjoy what they are doing so they will maintain their interest in music and strive to strengthen their musical ability.

Our Staff Provides Lessons On:

  • Beginning Piano -- technique, chords, songs styles and more, in a relaxed teaching style
  • Piano & Voice -- a great way to combine vocal and piano studies
  • Flute -- technique, reading, site-reading and flute literature
  • Voice -- proper technique (important!) and a variety of genres
  • Guitar/Ukulele -- basic chords, scales, finger technique and various songs
  • Percussion/Snare -- hand drums, technique, reading, rudiments and notation
You can register for a lesson on the registration page, but you will be contacted directly to schedule a day and time that works for you. Students can choose participate in two annual recitals that showcase what they have learned and are welcome to bring the whole family out to enjoy an afternoon of music! 

Important Note: When a child is first learning (and this can last for some time), the majority of their development happens DURING their lesson! So, no need to stress about practicing!

Contact Us for questions about rates and policies or to schedule a lesson.