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At Footnotes Music our goal is to have children, and families, involved in music for as long as we can--it's that important. For this reason, we have programs, and instruction, that build on a child's natural musical curiosity and provide musical stepping stones as they get older!

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It is well documented that music has many benefits for children, and the younger they begin the better. We know your family will grow together with the programs we have carefully selected for you.

Music Together® (ages 0-4): The gold standard for early childhood music education

Music Together is the very best early childhood music class, hands down! This award-winning curriculum has nine songs collections featuring 30+ songs per semester with classic kid's favorites, multicultural songs and languages, fun rhythm chants, a digitally mastered CD, access to the online Family Music Zone and a songbook (per semester), your child will have a solid foundation of music to last a lifetime! With our mixed-age class you can bring your 3.5 year old and your infant! 

Rhythm Kids Level 1™ (ages 4-5 w/ parent or caregiver)

Rhythm Kids Level 1 is geared for preschoolers who are ready to take charge of their music learning! We get into rhythm and drumming as we sing, dance, play instruments and play music-based games. Rhythm Kids Level 1 guides children toward developmentally appropriate music and movement activities, get active, express themselves, make up their own drumming patterns, invent new ways to play rhythm instruments, create movement ideas for songs and even take a drum solo! Families get a songbook, a CD and access to the online Family Music Zone with great in-home music learning tutorials and drum-alongs! Bring your child's favorite drum to class!

Rhythm Kids Level 2™ (ages 5-8)

Rhythm Kids Level 2 is an exciting drumming, music and movement class for children in Kindergarten through second grade. Children learn complicated multicultural drumming patterns with a tried-and-true method, while developing new repertoire on percussion instruments, learning music-reading readiness, exploring movement and dance, deepening their vocal ability and by playing fun, music-based games! Families get a songbook, a CD and access to online materials, drumming tutorials and video play-alongs. Consider this the begining step of instrument study! Students should have their own hand drum for use at home and for use in class. Parents/caregivers are welcome to stay and play or drop-off.

Hum, Strum & Drum™ (ages 8-11): Pilot Program!!

Hum, Strum & Drum is our very own ukulele music program that includes instrument study, composition, movement, music reading readiness and lots of singing! Children will learn several songs with the chords to sing and play simultaneously, begin to compose their own music and lyrics, discover, and create, strumming patterns and string picking, learn to tune the ukulele and will venture into music theory and notation. Families get play-along pages and in-home activities. A ukulele is needed for class each week.

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