Check out what other families are saying about Footnotes Music classes, lessons and our wonderful teachers!

"[Footnotes Music] Music Together® is our favorite class in town and Tom is an incredible teacher!"


"Our experience was amazing! Tom went above and beyond helping me get my son to acclimate to the experience. Now he wants to go to music every day! Obviously you all are already aware that Tom is a gem and a perfect fit for everyone especially the ethusiastic boys in class, my son included. He really has a way of meeting every child where they are at and making them feel included. It's phenomenal! Quite the turnaround! Truly amazing experience!"


"My son and I had a terrific time in Tom's Rhythm Kids class this fall - it was a great class!"


"Our daughter and her Nanny Ceil LOVE music class, thanks for all you do to make it such a fun experience."


"Our au pair attends class with our son, but we love how he sings the Hello Song to all of us (going through each family member one by one) when we all get home from work/school and have dinner together."


"Tom Foote conducts more than a lively music class - he choreographs 45 minutes of pure FUN! Everyone leaves that class feeling energized and happy - parents and kids alike. Tom and his drums on Monday mornings are the perfect way to start our week."


"I don't know what my daughter and I love best about Footnotes Music: the engaging CD, the fantastic instructor, or just the fun and freedom of singing and dancing to new favorite songs together. All week long my daughter asks -- "Can we go to music class today?" The Footnotes Music classes are, by far, the best parent/child activity we've participated in."


"Deb is the very best; good variety, nice to all, happy and gets them excited, great voice, lots of instruments, makes it fun!"


"My two daughters took in-home piano lessons from Debbie Foote all this school year. I can hardly believe their transformation into music lovers. They are now fighting for piano time. Through her easy, kind-hearted, and relaxed approach, Debbie has managed to create a true love of piano playing in my children. I am so grateful to her."


"Seeing my little girl mesmerized by Debbie's flute playing and parents and kids singing together was one of those special joys I've experienced with my daughter since she was born. As a stay at home mom, when I discovered Music Together, I felt like it filled a need I had that I hadn't articulated. I wanted activities to participate in that would be 100% positive for both of us. I have no question that Music Together is a wonderful, enriching experience for her, and I love it too!"


"The birthday party was a total success! You are great and kids and adults were amazed. Thanks a lot!"


"We have LOVED your (Tom) class. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed your excellent musicianship and talent with children."
Kathryn (Violist/BSO)